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Mayne Island

in the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada.

"We have to be good,  we're your neighbours!"

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Electrical Contracting

- Residential - Commercial - Marine-
-renovations and whole buildings-

- ElectoMagnetic Field appraisals for family health -

- Construction Power - Power Poles -
- Underground Services - Generator Backup -

- Telephone - Cable TV - Computer Networks -

 - Licensed - Insured - Bonded -

Starting your Building Project?
Some things to remember about the Islands:
All our power comes in overhead from BC Hydro. Trees and branches are a continual concern and need to be trimmed back 5 feet from the lines.
Consult your Electrician at the beginning of your property layout to ensure Hydro access and keep service costs down.  Distance and terrain are large factors.
Consider generator backup for selected circuits in your house.  This is not expensive if planned ahead.  Storms and accidents can cut power for hours or days.

Check out our free SAFETY TIPS  archives of columns in the Islands newspapers

Computer Tutoring

Upon finishing the house wiring many people ask us to help with connecting to the World.

We teach those interested in learning to set up and use their home computers (msWindows and Mac) for personal, business, and Internet tasks.

Complete novices are welcome as well as those needing upgrading of software skills.

Have fun with:

  • BASICS for total BOZOS

  • the thrill of DOMINATING (or avoiding) msDOS, msWindows, Mac
  • sending HOME PICTURES to friends
  • EMAIL  all over the world
  • local on-line COMMUNITY POLITICS
  • local and global SHOPPING

Check out our free TUTOR TIPS archives of columns in the Islands newspapers

 Contact River Judd at  1-250-539-0069 

updated 11 Jun 2014